Popular Casino Games Played by Women

Casinos and men have always been correlated. With changing times, women have started showing interest in some of the casino games in land based and online casinos. Female players prefer to play games through online casinos due to the comfortable and less intimidating environment.

Casino games have always been a passion for men, but today, even women want to explore the world of casino. Most of the women stay away from gambling due to the risk involved in it. With changing times, we have witnessed the willingness of women towards various games in casinos. With the online gaming world soaring with new possibility and opportunities, modern women do not like to stay behind. Today, we can find numerous female players on various online casinos. This is a fascinating fact which turns out to be quite true.

Though women are known to spend a lot of money on shopping, they seem to be quite cautious while dealing with various casino games. They like to invest their money on games which are low on risk.

Here, we discuss the popular games played by women at casinos:
BlackJack: Quite a favorite among both men as well as women, Blackjack is among the most played games in the casino world. Though the rules of game may differ from one casino to the other, it has still been able to attract the attention of female players around the world.

Video Slots: This is one of the popular casino games played by most of the female players. This simple casino game is based on betting and is offered by most of the online casinos.

Poker: Being a traditional game, Poker is believed to be played by men only. However, breaking the trend, women have jumped into the arena and are starting to learn the tactics involved in playing the game. Differentiating between the various aspects of this game will definitely help them surge ahead in the game.

Slots: With the huge options offered by online casinos on slot machines, female players are not far behind men. Slot machines are among the favorite casino games for women as they provide options like single line to multiple spin.

Sport Betting : Still in low numbers but the trend is increasing everyday since it become more popular for women to watch sport. According to research conducted by Thai soccer betting association (FIFAGOAL), in Thai women aged 20-30, 10% involving in sport betting in 2016 (increased from 2015 by 2%)

Among the other top played games in various online casinos, lottery and bingo also stand out to attract the attention of most of the female players.

Online casinos are generally preferred by most of the female players due to the less intimidating environment and high comfort level. Most of the online casinos have accepted this changing trend and are working towards providing a women friendly theme to their casino games, so that female players can also enjoy the games. Today, we see women in land based casinos not as an arm candy, but as a player.