The History of Casino Games

Casino games are growing increasingly popular with every passing day. These games are being played by people far and wide, and hey have an interesting history associated with each of them.

There is no denying the fact that the history of casino games is an extremely fascinating and interesting one. Ever since the time man started to learn how to play, he could gamble and has gambled. Man has gambled for the outcome related to various wars, for money, for estates, and for a lot many other factors. If we begin to trace the growth and development of casino games, we would see that it is a fascinating record of events, right from the most ancient of the gambling games to the most recent and modern online casino and games. Let us look into the origin of this word. The concise Oxford dictionary defines casino as, “public room or building for amusements, esp. gambling.” The word ‘casino’ took its origin from the Italian word which actually means ‘little house.’ This word initially sued to refer to a small summerhouse or villa that has been created entirely for the purpose of entertainment and pleasure. Later on, during the nineteenth century, ‘casino’ began to indicate even larger public facilities wherein different other kinds of activities such as sports and gambling can take place.

Casino games are known to have provided people with non stop entertainment for hours together. This has been a continuing tradition for quite some years now. It is not unknown to mankind that the very art of gambling has been a pretty popular phenomenon that has been into existence for quite some centuries now. Ancient China shows us traces of items dating back to 2300 BC that are related to gambling. One of the pyramids of Egypt also shows writing that resembles signs of gambling. So, we see that gambling is not something that is a new development to human civilization. It has been actively present since centuries now. Another example of gambling and its existence during the ancient times can be found from the pages of history. In 1020 AD, when the Norwegian King Olaf and the Swedish King Olaf met to decide on who would take up the ownership of an isolated area in Hising. When both parties were unable to come to any decision on this, they decided to use a pair of dice. On their very first attempt, both the kings threw double sixes. At their second attempt, the Swedish King threw an extra double six, and the possession of Hising was decided upon in this manner. Casino games are very popular in the meccas of gambling like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Monte Carlo.